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In February the Council announced plans to hold a series of consultations with the congregation to direct them as they redesign the ministry of our congregation. The proposed budget for 2014 was unacceptable, in that it would risk a $60,000 deficit in the year. Redesigning ministry to be effective and fiscally responsible will require changes in staffing and programming. Such a plan requires hearing from the congregation about it perceived requirements, commitments and core values.

Three consultations, involving worshippers at each of the Saturday and two Sunday services, will take place to ask questions about style, timing, and essentials desired for effective worship.

Three additional consultations exploring ministry in general terms (ministry to the congregation, ministry to the community and ministry to the family)will allow for congregational conversation around our ministry here, in our families, and in the community.

Additional consultations addressing more specific programming (ministry at River Park Gardens, ministry to youth and confirmation, ministry to Sunday School-aged children, worship and music and the practice of paying honoraria) will also take place and information gathered at these meetings will assist council in creating a redesigned plan for church ministry and budget.

Each week, summaries of the data will be taken and shared on slides prior to worship on Sunday mornings. (see slides here)

In addition, the sermons recently have taken an application of the texts to our current journey. See particularly the sermons for March 16 and 23.

Our Lenten series also has considered qualities and characteristics in discipleship. Each week the mediation explores one characteristic, a drama group illustrated that characteristic and discussion questions encouraged personal application. These services are also listed among the sermons.

The goal is that Council will present a n redesigned plan for ministry with a plan for balancing the budget. This plan is to be published by April 27 and discussed at a congregational meeting on May 10th.